Lab Overview

Studying evidence-based, technologically mediated approaches to intervention focused on the role of attention as a core transdiagnostic element. Attention interventions incorporate evidence-based psychotherapeutic practices that are informed by or are applied in conjunction with eye tracking (including wearables, virtual reality headsets, and web cameras).  These interventions are implemented via the internet (self-guided), telehealth, virtual reality, or augmented reality. The lab is directed by Dr. Mikael Rubin.

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  • Internet-based exposure focused interventions (social anxiety, PTSD)
  • Brief mindfulness based interventions (stress, anxiety, depression)
  • Using wearable¬† and webcamera eye tracking to better understand mental health and treatment outcomes
  • Using audio vocal features and text analysis to better understand mental health and treatment outcomes
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You can reach Dr. Rubin via email: mrubin[at]