Current Projects

In addition to specific research projects - links to project information below - we are always working on secondary data analyses using existing datasets (get more information about secondary analyses here)

*RECRUITING* Attention Bias Modification for COVID-related Anxiety

We are currently recruiting for a clinical trial testing attention modification for distress and anxiety related to COVID-19.

*RECRUITING* Writing for wellness: an online toolkit

Testing the potential for an internet-based writing wellness toolkit for general wellness!

*IN DEVELOPMENT* Brief mindfulness based intervention

Testing ways to use brief mindfulness interventions provided via telehealth or in self-guided paradigms

*ONGOING* Studying attentional processes using reaction time tasks

Using paradigms like the Dot Probe and Stroop to understand and potentially treat mental health concerns

*COMPLETED* Self-guided internet-based intervention for social anxiety

I developed a relatively brief internet-based intervention for social anxiety called iExposure we will be launching the next iteration soon!