Khyati Talwar

2nd year PhD

Khyati Talwar is a South Asian immigrant who earned her Master of Science in Clinical Psychology degree in India in 2021 before commencing the Ph.D. program at PAU in the Fall, of 2022. She has had a keen interest in Health Psychology and her Master's dissertation focused on evaluating Sense of Coherence, Time Perspective, and Health Anxiety among University students during COVID-19. She also worked on another original research article focused on evaluating Intolerance of Uncertainty, Social Media Usage, Perceived Stress, Mindfulness, and Impulsive Buying Tendencies among young adults during COVID-19 as the first author. She is also interested in studying the intersection between Neuropsychology and Health Psychology and has previously worked on student papers focused on Brain Lateralisation and Head Concussion. 

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